As a professionally licensed ARDS (Grade A) instructor, Michael is able to utilise his expertise in a range of disciplines, catering for everyone’s needs. From complete track day novices to seasoned racing drivers; race teams and manufacturers, Michael can deliver the results you are looking for, specialising in the following areas:

  • One-to-One Coaching

    Professional coaching is by far the most successful and cost effective way to improve your driving. With Michael's extensive experience, he can quickly identify areas to focus on that will yield the greatest reward. Packages can be tailored to meet individual needs covering all aspects of driving from vision and racing lines, to race craft and preparation.

  • Setup & Development Work

    Having tested, developed and raced a wide variety of cars during his career, Michael has gathered a wealth of experience when it comes to setting-up a car for various conditions and drivers. For inexperienced drivers and young teams looking to gain a solid 'baseline' setup, Michael is able to quickly determine changes that can improve the 'driveability' of a car and communicate with engineers in a clear and concise way.

  • Data & Video Analysis

    Modern racing and computer technology go hand-in-hand. Every lap, corner and input can be analysed on high-tech data software and various in-car camera angles. There is nowhere for the driver to hide! Correctly interpreting data and video footage can quickly reveal where improvement and vital time can be found. Michael is experienced with a variety of data systems and can provide his own cameras to capture in-car action.

  • Car Control & Dynamics

    Understanding the dynamics of a car in motion and the forces acting upon it create the foundations on which car control can be developed. An awareness of its limitations not only emphasise potential dangers but enforce a sense of respect for the car and other drivers. Particularly relevant for young and new road drivers. Michael has run courses and events for various car manufacturers, companies and individuals wanting to improve their hazard awareness, winter driving technique, ABS/ESP/TC system training and even those looking to build their confidence after an accident.

  • Drift & Stunt Driving

    While circuit driving focusses on smoothness, precision and consistency in the pursuit of every fraction of a second, the opportunity to fling a car sideways is a rarity. It is a technique that relies on driver and car to be working in harmony for effortless flair to be achieved! The ability to repeat graceful stunt routines requires all of the aspects used on circuit. This makes drifting the perfect discipline to accompany circuit training where balance can be focussed on in greater detail. Check out Michael in action for an example of the activities he can organise for you:


    Click here for Caterham Drift Video

  • Co-Driver

    Combing coaching from the garage and pitwall with driving duties at race weekends, Michael is the perfect choice for any aspiring GT/endurance driver looking for a professional co-driver to share a  car with. He will provide 'real-time' and relevant data and video footage to work from, maximising the learning curve from every driving session. Michael prides himself on not only getting the best out of every driver he works with but makes sure they enjoy the experience.


  • Corporate Events

    Working as a professional driver since 2006, Michael has worked on a wide variety of corporate events including car launches, manufacturer festivals, dealer training programmes, charity events, magazine articles, television programmes and many more. He is the perfect choice for any company or event that requires a wealth of experience, product knowledge and excellent customer communications.

If you are interested in the prospect of working with Michael, please contact him to discuss your requirements further via the contact page or alternatively:


+44(0) 7904 855 886

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